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Welcome to the Euroa Hotel 

Your Family-Friendly Pub in the Heart of Euroa! |

st. 1884

The Euroa Hotel is the best family Pub in Euroa. It is a welcoming place for both tourists and locals. We're more than just a pub; we're a community centre in the middle of Euroa with a lot of great food and craft local beers.

Outside Tab/Bottle shop at the Euroa Hotel

Relax and Enjoy at Our Sports Bar

There's a lot to do at our  Sports Bar. Come hang out with friends, relax, and watch live sports. Our enjoyable atmosphere and wide range of drinks will make your visit more appealing if you are thinking about relaxing after a long day at work or celebrating a win with friends.

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Drive Though Bottle Shop Euroa

Enjoy the convenience of Euroa's only drive-through bottle shop, which is open 7 days aweek. The Drive Through Bottle Shop Euroa has a large selection of beers, wines, spirits, and other drinks. The newest craft beers, the best wines, your favorite spirits, and even drinks that don't contain alcohol are all in our collection. 

Our great customer service, low prices, and huge selection of products have made us famous, and we're here to make your shopping experience better. Visit our bottle shop today to find the perfect bottle for your next party or night in.

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Liquor Legends Drive Through Bottleshop

For your convenience, we've got you covered with our Liquor Legends Drive Thru Bottleshop. Swiftly grab your favorite beverages and top-notch spirits without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. With a wide-ranging selection, you'll find just what you're looking for to elevate your evenings.

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Beer Glass

Enjoy Nature's Beauty in our Newly Landscaped Beer Garden.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of our newly landscaped beer garden, a place where families can get together and friends can reconnect over laughs. While you enjoy the peaceful setting, kids can play in this beautiful neature. Enjoy the clear skies and fresh air while you relax. Our garden also has a TV for your viewing pleasure.

Poring a beer at Euroa Hotel

Traditional Hospitality with a Modern Flair

At the Euroa Hotel, we always try to do our best to provide good old-fashioned food and beer services. We are proud to make every person feel like they are part of our family by creating a warm and friendly space. Your satisfaction is our top concern, whether it's our cool drinks, tasty food, or just the pleasure of being with you.


Local Attraction of Euroa

Explore the historical and natural beauty of Euroa with the Euroa Hotel. Our beautiful town has a lot of historic and exciting places to explore, and the Euroa Hotel is the right place to start your exploration of Euroa. Many historic sites and beautiful natural places make Euroa a great place for both adventurer lovers and history lovers. Learn more about what makes Euroa a special place to visit by starting your trip by checking out our attractions page guide.


Raise a Glass to Euroa's Best Wines and Beers

Enjoy some of the best wines and beers that Euroa and the nearby areas have to offer. Because we have so many options, you're sure to find the right pair for any event. Our bar is stocked with the best beers from around the area, from light ales to dark reds.


Beer Garden at the Euroa Hotel

Your Comfort is Our Priority at Euroa Hotel

When you come into the Euroa Hotel, our helpful staff will be there to help you with anything you need. Our doors are open, and our hearts are even bigger, whether it's for a quiet dinner, a party, or just a night out with friends. We always care about your happiness and comfort.

The Euroa Hotel is the place to start a journey of relaxation, friendship, and unique adventures. We are more than just a hotel. we are your home away from home. Accept our warm welcome, which will make your stay truly memorable.



67 Railway Street,Euroa VIC 3666

Opening Hours


Mon - Thurs: 11 AM - 9 PM

Fri - Sat: 11 AM - Late

Sun: 11 AM - 8 PM


Mon - Sun: 12 PM - 2 PM 

                  6 PM - 8PM

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