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Golden History of Euroa

Euroa is located between Seymour and Benalla, at the gateway to the beautiful Strathbogie Hills. In the 1850s, the town had an unprecedented development boost because of the gold rush. Famous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly was living in Euroa in 1878 when he bravely broke up the National Bank.

Euroa's ancient heart beats today with Binney Street and Railway Street, where heritage buildings from the past stand as reminders of Euroas rich history. Some of the important sites are the Euroa Post Office built in 1890, the elegant Euroa Hotel, which was built in 1884, and Blairgowrie House, which was built around the same time. In 1867, an important chapter was added to European history with the construction of the first Catholic church in Euroa

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The Natural and Cultural Landmarks

Euroa is calmly crossed by seven creeks, which form a line of native trees, large parks, and fun places to play. The old Farmers Arms Hotel, which is now the Farmers Arms Museum and has an interesting collection of local artefacts, is one of the most important places to visit near Burtons Bridge. VC Memorial Park is only a short walk away and has beautiful bronze statues of local Victoria Cross winners. It also has a cute little steam train that you can ride through this beautiful area.


Natural Beauty of Euroa

The Euroa area is surrounded by the fertile fields of a famous farming area known for its high-quality wool and thoroughbred horses. It is a great place to start exploring the Strathbogie Ranges' natural beauty. The beautiful Gooram Falls and its welcoming rock pools are only 20 kilometres south of Mansfield. Another short distance away, Polly McQuinns has a peaceful lake made by a weir that is great for a quiet lunch or a cool swim.

Mountain Wombat, which is only 19 kilometres south-east on the road to Strathbogie, has a stunning 799-meter lookout point with wide views that are sure to amaze everyone who visits.

Activities of Euroa

Famous Landmarks: 

Swoop the Big Barrwarrang: Admire Euroa's giant magpie sculpture at Seven Creeks Park. The community called it "Swoop," and the name "Barrwarrang" comes from the local Taungurung language and means "magpie." It is a unique mix of art and cultural history.

Essential Stops:

The Euroa Hub is right in the middle of Euroa, at 50 Binney Street. It gives both tourists and locals all the information they need to check out the exciting scenario.

Family Fun

Euroa Park: Euroa has playgrounds and an ice rink for kids. These are great places for families to spend an enjoyable day together.


Outdoor Activities

Cycling:  Whether you're a casual rider or a serious biker, Euroa's roads have something for everyone, from simple rides to challenging hills. They all start in our beautiful town.

Hiking: Starting at the peaceful Seven Creeks Park, you can take a 7 km walk along the beautiful Seven Creeks, going around the popular spots.

Balmattum Hill Walking Track, Rotary Lookout: From the parking lot, this path leads to a gentle walk with views of the valley. It then leads to a challenging hike up Balmattum Hill, with views of the town and fields that are absolutely beautiful.

Natural Encounters

Garden of Euroa: There are 27 hectares of natural plants and animals to explore, making it a peaceful place to relax and a center to learn about the environment.

Parachute School: In freefall from 14,000 feet, you can feel the thrill and see amazing views of Euroa and beyond.

Gooram Falls: These falls are loved by both locals and tourists alike. They are great for swimming in the summer and looking at the scenery in the winter.

Polly McQuinns: Find this beautiful spot not far from Strathbogie. A dammed creek makes a calm body of water that's great for a relaxing day.

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Explore the beauty and charm of Euroa through our carefully chosen photos. Each picture tells a story, from the famous Euroa Hotel to the beauty of the Strathbogie Ranges. Enjoy the views of our natural scenery, the history of our town, and the unique cultural aspects that make Euroa a memorable place to visit.


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